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Name: Ola "Dimmignatt" Brandt
City: Borensberg
Favorite videogame: Giana Sisters
Favorite metalband: Enslavement of Beauty
Sent: June 11 2006, 04:44

Yes yes... Congrats for the new demo !! =) It's really great that you guys and gals are coming back to the scene.. Good Luck in the future !! =)
Name: Martin
Sent: May 30 2006, 07:05

Ah, här var ni ju! (Tack Wire för länken) Ser fram emot att få höra nya demon!
Name: skyarab
City: borger
Favorite videogame: zelda
Favorite metalband: you,disturded,system of a down
Sent: May 27 2006, 17:52

you guys kick ass man yall and a friend of mine started a band and we will be ready to start recording a demo next week and ill try sending you guys 1
Name: The Wez
City: Wetteren - Belgium
Favorite videogame: Zelda III - Super Punch Out!!
Favorite metalband: Joe Satriani - Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Sent: May 16 2006, 00:33

I just wanted to say that your music is excellent, when i'm listening to it I always got that nostalgic feeling. I'm thinking I'm going to order the 2 Demo's at once. Greetings, The Wez
Name: Morton Black
Favorite videogame: Oblivion
Favorite metalband: Iron Maiden
Sent: May 14 2006, 07:07

Congratulations on your new demo fellow metal heads ;)
Name: Perrah
City: Götlaborrg
Favorite metalband: Kyuss, Game Over, Tool
Sent: May 13 2006, 09:56

Yes, holy fockin´ yes!! It´s finally here! As soon as i saw it i ordered me self a brand new cd and of course a t-shirt! Holy mother of all things that rock: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Name: Penne
City: Götet
Sent: May 13 2006, 04:05

Gabby Jay! Yay! It's finally out! Hooray! :)
Name: Olle
Sent: May 12 2006, 17:37

äntligen! som horace brukar säga...
Name: Wire
City: Stockholm
Sent: May 11 2006, 22:39

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