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Name: Klaus
Favorite videogame: Tetris DS(WiFi FTW!!!11111)
Favorite metalband: Motörhead
Sent: July 08 2006, 15:41

Hi Guys, i know you were working hard on your last demo, but i really have to say i was a bit disappointed, i liked your first one way more than the new one, cause it felt way more polished and had more melodic elements in it. Just my 50 euro-cents ;)
Name: Joshua Booth
City: San Pedro CA
Sent: July 07 2006, 12:31

Wow i just got the new cd and i just about cryed when i listend to Hirule's Angel It's an awsome cd, and i just cant stop listining to it! Great job guys!!!!
Name: Wire
Sent: July 07 2006, 02:06

Charbel: Det är nog ingen idé att ha ett pg, men man kan maila mig och få mitt kontonr. (av förklarliga skäl vill jag inte ha det liggandes ute på hemsidan).
Name: Charbel
City: Borås
Favorite videogame: Mega Man
Sent: July 05 2006, 04:03

Tja! Kan ni inte ha ett alternativ att man skickar in pengarna till nåt bankkonto? Känns för omständigt att hålla på att skicka pengar och grejer (Läs: Jag är lat) :( Rock on, my hard rocking amigos! Charbel
Name: Shyguy
City: Gothenburg
Favorite videogame: Final Fantasy VI
Favorite metalband: You, Led Zeppelin, Metallica
Sent: July 04 2006, 03:23

I wish Game Over and their fans a great summer! Keep rocking, boys and girls.
Name: matt
City: detroit
Sent: June 30 2006, 00:13

congrats on finishing the cd!
Name: Puggy
City: Kropa, Slovenia
Favorite videogame: Kirby dreams (hey!he was cool!):D
Favorite metalband: Vintersorg
Sent: June 29 2006, 06:13

Your music is great:DToo bad your whole first demo isn't online anymore:/I remember downloading the full thing a while back...then again i'm not sure if it was off this website..anyway, yes great stuff!really brings back memories..I hope I get the chance to order both your demos soon:) Cheers from SLOVENIA!
Name: Lempo & Turja
City: Finland
Sent: June 22 2006, 01:35

"PayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account." This is too bad and sending money in an envelope is a bit risky imo :/ Well.. Guess I'll have to wait until they change their policy :(
Name: Lempo & Turja
City: Finland
Favorite videogame: Mega Man 3
Favorite metalband: Kiuas
Sent: June 19 2006, 16:49

The GameOver band picture is the motherfucking coolest band pic ever.. hahahah :) Im going to order both of your albums as soon I get PayPal working. Hell, maybe even that T-shirt! The prices are laughable :) Great work dudes!
Name: Briton
City: Clinton
Favorite videogame: Metal Gear Solid
Favorite metalband: System Of A Down
Sent: June 12 2006, 07:52

Wow... You Guys are awesome! if i didn't buy that EGM magazine on the rack, i would have never found out about you guys! You Guys Are my 2nd favorite band, seriously! I wish I Had cash so i could buy your new album!

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