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Name: Armithius
Favorite videogame: Both the Zelda and Megaman series and Halo
Favorite metalband: Children of Bodom, Burzum, Cradle of Filth
Sent: October 08 2006, 15:08

Video games + metal = awesome. 'Nuff said.
Name: crimsomnia
City: Tampere
Favorite videogame: Final Fantasy VII
Sent: October 08 2006, 07:22

Maybe the most awesome stuff I've ever heard. I'm a big fan of Nintedo music myself, and thinking about making rock/metal covers also. Especially the song Siege at Monsteropolis rocks my brains out. Keep up the good work guys.
Name: Pontan
City: Linköping
Favorite videogame: Final Fantasy 7
Favorite metalband: Rammstein, In Flames, Soilwork
Sent: September 22 2006, 09:51

Sitter här och lyssnar på Syntax Error från P3, och helt plötsligt dyker något så häftigt som en metalverision av Punch Out upp. Är sjukt imponerad och hoppas att ni fortarande sysslar med musik i åtminstone någon konstellation.
Name: Shinryuu
City: Liminka
Favorite videogame: Rockman / Mega Man series
Favorite metalband: i can't say easily becouse i like Black/pagan/Viking metal a lot and gamemusic etc. :)
Sent: September 20 2006, 00:14

Hi guys.. you have done great work i love your music so i decited to order some stuff here someday.. Nintendo metal is the best and of course i like other game metal bands like minibosses & Project X, S.S.H etc... Good work keep it up ! :)
Name: Tim reaper
Sent: August 22 2006, 10:24

What happen someone set up us the bomb we get signal what Main screen turn on It´s you How are you gentlemen All yor base are belong to us you are on the way to destruction What you say you have no chance to survive make your time Hahaha.......
Name: Mike
City: Montreal
Favorite videogame: Zelda- Link to the past
Favorite metalband: Iron Maiden
Sent: August 20 2006, 14:34

First time i heard Macs Revenge i almost cried. This is easily the most unique style of metal out there wether or not people realize it. Keep rockin on and cant wait for the dark world theme from link to the past or some metroid.
Name: Ted
City: Stockholm
Favorite videogame: Legend of Zelda-series and GTA-series
Favorite metalband: Hammerfall
Sent: August 16 2006, 02:23

REALLY great music! Keep up the good work! :)
Name: Andreas
City: Täby
Favorite videogame: Zelda
Favorite metalband: Game Over and In Flames
Sent: July 24 2006, 15:43

Seriöst... Kan ni inte spela in lite fler låtaR? *Hundögon* era låtar e juh så j*vla bra! >_< metal + nintendo.. kan d bli bättre?.... aja tack för bra låtar o ett bra band;) Tjao
Name: UncleVisen
City: Vancouver, Canada
Favorite videogame: I gotta name just one...? *sigh*
Favorite metalband: Good music is good music.
Sent: July 22 2006, 01:09

Great stuff guys - pure fearlessness is the ONLY way to do it, and you guys sound pro, no doubt about it. So much talent and just not enough fidelity for it all! Trust your inspiration - that'll keep ya going! Good luck!
Name: Cristofer
City: Norrland
Favorite videogame: Chrono Trigger/Cross
Favorite metalband: Emperor
Sent: July 13 2006, 09:56

Hoho, snart kommer tomten med en ny Game Over-skiva, eller iaf brevbäraren. Den förra krossade allt. Ni äger.

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