Music: Alfh Lyra, Yoko Shimomura
Lyrics: Wire

Your eyes wide open, filled with fear
Vindictiveness, my mind was clear
Your moans of humiliation
Like sweet music to my ears
Revenge became a drug to me
I missed no opportunity
Said that the end justifies
Any act of atrocity

It went to my head

Hellbent for victory
The justice of it all, Justice!
I stuck at nothing
Because all is fair in hate and war
The tournament was my way
To regain my dignity, Regain!
Retaliation was my trophy

Drowning in fury, lost control
Total submission to the goal
Anger, repressed indignation
Had taken its toll
One day I woke up, realized
Looked at myself, I paid the price
Getting high just from getting even
The pointless old “eye for an eye”

My pride blinded me


Addicted! Addicted to vengeance